Gaggle is an entrepreneurial-driven, privately held, and fully remote company and we are committed to a mission of student safety. We're looking for great people to join our growing team to help us build the products and services that our customers and employees use to protect kids and save lives.

We believe that strong core values are the foundation for creating an environment that benefits and enriches our customers and our employees.

🧡 Hire exceptional people and let them do their jobs.
🧡 Listen more than you talk.
🧡 Work hard, make it better.
🧡 Treat people well.
🧡 Provide great customer service even if it doesn’t make financial sense.
🧡 Innovation over perfection.
🧡 Guard the company treasure. Argh!

View our employee testimonial videos on YouTube.

  • Jasmine F.

    Front-End Engineer

    “ Gaggle offers a service and a safety net for a lot of people who might not feel that support in their day-to-day, so being able to say that I’m part of this company who’s enriching someone else’s life is really powerful. ”

  • Taeha J.

    Sr. Front-End Engineer

    “ I can see that the team here at Gaggle tries hard to actually engage workers and not have them burn out. ”

  • Brian M.

    Director, Software Engineering

    “ We come together as a technology team to work towards the mission of the company. And everybody participates, everybody collaborates, which makes the culture really fun to work with. ”